The parenting milestones for fathers you won’t find in baby books.

Baby milestone cards are a great way of documenting cute pictures of your children for the memory books.

Usually they say things like: “Today I crawled for the first time” or “Today I ate my first solids”. Cute. They are a must-have for any first time new parent worth their Instagram in gold.

For those organised, sentimental folk among us, baby milestones are special; a way of looking back and reminiscing. But what about us parents? Parenting is a journey which must be celebrated and one company is helping us do just that.

Mum milestones released their hilarious mum milestones cards earlier in the year to such a warm welcome that they are now available for fathers too.

Dad and Mum milestone cards were created by Becky Feiner and Esti Zilber; two busy, working mums living in Sydney. Each has a son (Levi and Jonah) and a daughter (Esme and Frankie).

"We first met through mutual friends and we live just a block away from each other. We had our first baby around the same time and it was one of those things which we just got each other. You know you could just be real and talk about what was really going on," Esti told Mamamia

Esti said that they decided to do the cards to give parents a bit of a laugh.

"The aim was just to show that it's not easy (parenting) but if you remove yourself from it and look back, there are some really funny moments."

They sold-out of their first release of hilarious mum cards (and it's easy to see why with relatable moments like: "Today I went to the bathroom alone".  The pair thought it was fitting to release a version for dads.

"We did the dad's version because we wanted to be inclusive and show their journey as well. When we did the mum milestone cards we were really looking at parenting in general but obviously could draw on our own experiences. As soon as we released them it became really obvious that we needed to do a dad's one as well."

Featuring such special moments like boobs are back open for business, surviving a poo in the bath and made my first dad joke, this is the gift for every new father to be. And the best bit is that a portion of sales goes towards PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia).

 Mum Milestones. Image supplied. 

Both the mum and dad milestone cards are available from the Mum Milestones and the creators are urging people to show off their hilarious parenting milestones on their social media channels.

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