Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell play 'Never Have I Ever' on Ellen with their famous husbands.

We are not exaggerating when we say there aren’t two more likable couples in Hollywood than Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd.

So put them together on Ellen’s couch and get them playing a specially designed game of Never Have We Ever and Ellen hits viral gold.

Kunis and Bell were politely minding their own business on the very famous white couch, being interviewed by everybody’s favourite talk-show host when their husbands ran on to set surprising them for Mother’s Day.

What ensued was a very Hollywood version of Never Have We Ever, with Ellen trying her best to gain insight into two of the most intriguing couples in the world.

“Never Have We Ever been to a nude beach,” Ellen began, asking the couples to each hold up a sign admitting whether they had done all or any of the things.

But it was to no-hurrah, with none admitting they had been, with Bell calling the question "lame" and with Shepherd joking that "his Hollywood lifestyle is not as exciting as it's advertised".

However, the couples did admit during the segment that the concept of owning a toothbrush each is "foreign" as they much prefer to just share a toothbrush.

Ashton Kutcher even admitted to the audience he is fairly sure they only actually travel with one toothbrush between them.

But if you found that information a little too intimate for comfort, conversations about hygiene didn't stop there with both couples also admitting they had helped each other "groom" certain body parts.

It's awkward - but also incredibly adorable.

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