Radio hosts Mike E and Emma took aim at Rove and Sam. It was downright nasty.

The Edge 96.1’s breakfast hosts, Mike E and Emma, are known for being controversial. But their latest advertisement has gone beyond “a little bit rude” and way into “inappropriate” territory.

In an ad that’s playing every few hours or so during breaks on their station, Mike E and Emma can be heard ridiculing rival radio show Rove and Sam of 2DayFM, playing a game Emma refers to as “she’s the perfect girl but she listens to Rove and Sam”.

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“But no-one does,” Mike E responds to a listener’s report that their girlfriend listens to the other radio show. “No. You need to respect a girl and you can’t respect a girl whose taste is in her ass.”

In fact, it seems like Mike E and Emma have been running a smear campaign on Rove and Sam for a while now, with a segment in mid-April encouraging listeners to call in and detail why they hate Rove and Sam.

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“Like this show, oh my god, it’s so monotonous it’s crazy,” said a listener named Christie.

“They’re always talking about… no offence, I’ve got three kids, like I don’t want to listen to a guy talking about pregnancy and all this other stuff on the radio. I don’t know he [Rove McManus] is just annoying and Sam’s just as bad.”

“We’ll send a report over to 2dayFM,” Mike E joked. “I’ve written it all down, everyone thinks they’re boring.”

To which Emma responded, “I’m not going to get involved, Christie thanks for your call. I’m glad you’ve made the switch. I’m glad you think we’re better.”

Watch what people on the street had to say about Mike E and Emma. Post continues after video… 

Video via The Edge

Unfortunately, Mike E and Emma aren’t the only ones giving Rove and Sam less than stellar reviews, with ratings showing they’re the least popular show on breakfast radio.

In the past, it’s been an unspoken rule of radio not to outright diss your competitors, but that hasn’t stopped Mike E and Emma.

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Of course, what radio station you listen to on your way to work is a matter of personal taste – but let’s just say we’ve never heard Rove and Sam being quite so nasty.