A midwife was fined $11,400 for having an affair with her patient's husband.

A midwife in New Zealand has been fined after having an affair with the husband of one of her patients.

The Health and Disability Commission reportedly ruled today that her actions were a “severe breach of trust”.

The affair began with a shopping date. The two met up, without the mother’s knowledge, went shopping and had a few drinks together.

“Kissing and mutual fondling” followed, the hearing reportedly heard.

The betrayal was two-fold: the midwife was also married, and the two couples were good friends.

A midwife who had an affair with her patient's husband has been fined. Image via iStock.

It was during the mother's third pregnancy that the five-month affair begun.

The mother was suspicious, and confronted her husband several times. However, she was made to feel "like she was going crazy" for thinking her midwife was sleeping with the father of her children.

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It's reported the midwife has since called her own actions a "very bad lapse in judgement".

She was fined $11,400 and will have to undergo counselling.

There will also be limitations on the number of clients she is permitted to work with in the future.