A man with a micropenis answers every question you've ever had about micropenises.

There were many questions.

Chris is a 53-year-old man with a micropenis. This is a medically diagnosed condition and it effects approx 0.6 percent of the male population.

In an interview with Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory, Chris answered all the questions we’ve ever wanted to know about micropenises.

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Oh, and if you want to see photos of a micropenis (not Chris’), you can click here. Obviously NSFW, people.

Chris is a 53-year-old living with a micropenis. It’s smaller than this cork.

In Chris’ words, this is what living with a micropenis is like…

On how he felt when he first realised he had a micropenis:

The realisation at age six was one of mild shame and I began hiding my nakedness from others’ eyes as much as possible. The realisation at age 19 that I was finished growing, and that my penis hadn’t grown at all and likely wouldn’t, came with some early and limited kind of acceptance.

This is roughly the same size as Chris’ penis.

On what high school was like:

There were nicknames with hand gestures and whispers and giggles at social and sporting events. It was universally known for three of my four years of high school that I had the smallest penis in the whole school. I was totally undatable.

On losing his virginity:

I lost my virginity at age 17 and my girlfriend was also a virgin. She didn’t know that my penis was so small, and one night she initiated and I didn’t back off that time. It was a disappointing experience for both of us. She didn’t say anything about (the size) right then, but she stared and her mouth hung open.

On telling new partners about his size:

I didn’t learn how to bring it up or make that essential disclosure until I was in my late-20s, when I began dating again after my first wife left me, having informed me that my penis was way too small to satisfy her sexual needs and that she had already begun dating other men.

Depending on the woman and the situation, I can hint as part of flirtation, like saying something indirect like referring to myself as “a little guy,” or saying something about ancient Greek statues, or just directly say that I have a small penis, sometimes qualified with “very small.”

“I can hint as part of flirtation, like saying something indirect like referring to myself as ‘a little guy’.

On his personal life now:

I’m married for the second time, with two children — conceived in the usual way — now on the cusp of adulthood.  Overall, I’ve had a romantically and sexually satisfying adult life, and I’ve pleased some women very well, and disappointed others who needed what I didn’t have, what I couldn’t do. At least one former girlfriend would probably consider me to be among her best lovers.

On sex:

I view vaginal penetrative intercourse as an appetizer or a dessert and never as a main course. I have 10 fingers and a tongue, a fit body and a creative mind, and I use them all. I experiment, respond to her pleasure signals and deny myself initially. Although exceptionally small, I can stay hard for hours when appropriate and have very good control over my ejaculation and release.

You can read Chris’s whole interview by clicking here.