Facewash microbeads can become embedded in your face. Just ask this guy.

We all know microbeads and the skincare products that contain them are bad for the environment, but we’d really never considered that they could bad for our skin.

Until now, that is.

A Redditor has shared an experience that we can only assume has left them unlikely to try a microbead-based skin product ever again.

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As he smeared his face with a scrub, a microbead lodged itself in an enlarged pore on his cheek.

Concerned the bead wasn’t coming out on its own, Casual_Mongolian asked the SkincareAddiction forum for advice.

“Well one of those blue (plastic?) microbeads are stuck in a pore right on the surface of my skin,” he wrote.

“It’s on my high cheek where I’ve never experienced any open acne so I’m not sure how it got in there.

“Regardless, it’s not infected or anything right now and I’m not in any pain. I tried to poke it out with a sterilised needle, but it’s such a tight squeeze I didn’t want to rip up my skin trying to get behind it.”

Redditors suggested the man use tweezers, a pin or a comedone extractor to remove the bead, but he found a cotton bud was the best tool for the job.

The microbead lodged in his pore and removed by a cotton bud. (Image via Reddit.)

"What I ended up doing was warming my face with a hot wash rag first. Then I tried using the "flat?" end of a condome tool, and all that did was make the pore bleed from behind the bead.

"What ended up doing the trick was two q-tips and a little bit of squeezing!"

If that's not reason to support a ban on the products worldwide, we don't know what is.

Do you still use a skincare product with microbeads?