Mick Jagger's quirky name for his eighth baby might make you hungry for pesto.

The task of naming eight humans over a lifetime can really get the creative juices flowing, it seems.

In fact, the given names Sir Mick Jagger, 73, and 29-year-old Melanie Hamrick have selected for their newborn include one we’ve never even heard of before.

The baby boy, born on December 8, has been given the name Deveraux Octavian Basil, according to a now-deleted Instagram post by the Rolling Stone star’s daughter Elizabeth.

Deveraux Octavian Basil.  Interesting.

Curiously, the Instagram post has since been deleted. (Image: @LizzyJagger/Instagram)

While you may feel delicious herby vibes, or mistakenly think you've just opened the pages of an ancient text, it turns out there's a lot of meaning behind the quirky name.

Octavian means "born eighth" in Latin - a nod to the fact that Deveraux is the rocker's eighth child. Jagger's seven other children range between 17 and 46 years old, and he is also a great grandfather.

Basil is a tribute to Jagger's late father, Basil "Joe" Jagger, who passed away in 2006.

While the father-of-eight flew from London to New York to be by ballerina Hamrick's side for the birth, it's not clear if the couple are still together.

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick (Images: Getty)

Reports say a "maintenance deal" has been struck by the pair, whereby Hamrick will receive US$150,000 a year to care for Deveraux. The money will be transferred until the boy turns 18.

It is also believed Jagger will assist her in finding a home nearby his in New York.

'"It is a very fair deal for family to make sure they have adequate care and finances, and of course Mick is keen to help raise the child," a source told MailOnline. "Mick insists that he will be stand by Melanie throughout the child's first 18 years."

"After that they will make sure that the child's future is provided for too whether it be a career or seeking further education. This is a very amicable deal which has been agreed between a couple, who are not married, but are devoted to doing the right thing for the child."

Congratulations, Mick and Melanie!

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