Michelle Obama's State of the Union dress sold out in 20 minutes.


United States President Barack Obama gave his final State of the Union address yesterday but what people were really focused on was his wife Michelle’s amazing fashion sense.

People LOVED the dress.

Like, they really loved it and didn’t really seem to care so much what the President was going to say.

The dress is by US designer Narciso Rodriguez, who Michelle has worn on at least two other occasions.

Rodriguez designed the red and black dress she wore on election night in 2008, when her husband won for the first time, and also the dress she wore for President Obama’s first State of the Union in 2009.

The speech, which is broadcast live in prime time in the US, and streamed online, went for 58 minutes and 40 seconds.

Internet fashion sleuths used that time to source Mrs Obama’s dress, and buy every single one available.

As luck would have it, the US$2095 dress was marked down almost 70 per cent, and was available for US$628. Which still isn’t exactly cheap, but that didn’t seem to matter.

It sold out in 20 minutes.

But the gorgeous dress which political commentators have decided reflected the optimism of Barack Obama’s words, was not without controversy.

Some people thought the dress was too expensive, and that the First Lady should have gone for something cheaper.

But others said that would be pandering.

Most importantly, given the history the internet has with this particular issue, people couldn’t agree on what colour the dress was.

Was it goldenrod? Mustard? Mango?

Some people just wanted to know if it was yellow or orange.

But eventually the winning hue emerged.

Marigold it is then.