You'll want to be at this unbelievably fun dance party with Ellen and Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama and Ellen had a televised dance party. It was glorious.

The First Lady was on Ellen this week promoting her campaign #GimmeFive, encouraging people to make active choices that support a healthy lifestyle.

TRY THIS: Ellen secretly filmed wife Portia doing an 80’s aerobic style workout.

It takes a lot of guts to challenge Ellen Degeneres, queen of the pre-show boogie, to a dance off but we’re glad Michelle Obama did just that. The pair teamed up with stars of So You Think You Can Dance in a synchronised piece choreographed to the single most overplayed awesome song on your radio at the moment, Uptown Funk.

Well, that’s one way to get moving.

Other than dance parties with Ellen and Michelle Obama, what’s your favourite way to shake it