Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama a present. And her face says it all.

Ever since President Donald Trump’s November election victory, former First Lady Michelle Obama has displayed nothing but class and respect toward the incoming First Family.

Because, well… she’s Michelle Obama.

But overnight the 53-year-old broke character just for a tiny second, and it was everything we could possibly have hoped for.

Here’s how it went down. The President and Melania Trump arrived at the White House ahead of the inauguration ceremony, as any thoughtful guest should, the new FLOTUS presented her predecessor with a gift.

A beautiful, blue box tied in a white ribbon. We’re not sure what was inside, but let’s go ahead and assume they didn’t just pick up something cheap on the way.

Anyway, so Michelle Obama accepts the mystery gift, then this happens:

Let's pause that... yep, right there:

Where just going to leave this here. Image: ABC.

It's The Office, Modern Family and The Mindy Project all rolled into one glorious, sassy aside.

Of course, Twitter is all over it and it's all over Twitter.

But knowing Michelle (I mean, not personally... but, you know), she'll probably still hand-write a lovely, thoughtful thank-you note.

Entirely original, of course.