Michelle Duggar’s 19th baby born 15wks premature

Michelle Duggar, is a remarkable woman with some pretty extraordinary reproductive parts, having given birth to her 19th baby ( no twins) in December last year. Baby Josie was born via emergency casaerean after Michelle developed pre-eclampsia at 25 weeks. When I heard about the birth in December and then heard nothing afterwards, I hoped all was OK.

And here is the first interview given to the US Today show by Michelle, her husband and a few dozen of their other kids where she talks about the birth and how baby Josie is doing, 7 weeks after her birth.

Beautiful news.

Now here’s a thought: maybe someone should go and buy Michelle a giant pack of condoms if she’s not already pregnant again….could it be time for Michelle to hang up her uterus and retire from the giving birth thing? She’s certainly earned her place in the motherhood hall of fame….

Michelle? My pelvic floor salutes you.

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[thanks Kerri]