I'm risking my life to have my 20th child

How many children is too many?

One is a blessing, two is pretty standard, three is great, four is the point where you need a new house and car to fit them all in and any more beyond that is pretty much considered crazy territory these days.

That's why it's hard to believe this couple is currently trying for their 20th child. And the saddest part is that this woman is risking her life to do so.

Meet the Duggars. They are an American couple with a successful reality TV show - called "19 Kids And Counting" -  that gives viewers a glimpse of their crazy life. They have lots of kids and love it. Each child is a gift from God and they have no plans to stop. That's why they've decided to add to their brood, if you can even call it that. And they know their decision is controversial.

"We are not expecting right now," Michelle Duggar told the incredulous public, "I would be so grateful if the Lord blessed us with another one. We're trying at this point and we shall see if that is a possibility."

Michelle Duggar is 47 years old and her 19th pregnancy was filled with complications and health challenges for both mother and child. She was lucky to get through it and was even more lucky her baby Josie who was born premature at 25 weeks survived.

We have no doubt they can handle 20 children. Their TLC show 19 Kids and Counting is still going strong and they make it look fun, and easy. The family is conservative Christians who don't believe in contraception, favour home-schooling and spend as little time on the internet or watching TV as possible. They believe that every child is a blessing from God and should be welcomed.

Baby Josie born premature at just 25 weeks

However here are some fun facts just so you grasp the enormity of their decision to try for a 20th child:


* Michelle is 47 with 19 kids and three grandkids;

* She has had two miscarriages;

* She has suffered from issues with her uterus, making pregnancy dangerous;

* Their 19th child Josie was born at 25 weeks and has suffered from health problems since birth;

* If anything happens to Michelle during this 20th miracle pregnancy she'll be leaving 19 children motherless.

Michelle is willing to risk her life for another baby. It just seems crazy.

Celebrity Baby Scoop asked Mama Duggar about criticism the couple has received in the past. She said, "I believe that there is a misconception about overpopulation. I think that the whole mindset of overpopulation is really overrated. A few years back, we stated that the whole population of the world could be stood shoulder-to-shoulder in Jacksonville. That may have changed a little bit since we’ve heard that statistic.”

As for people who regard her decision to have so many children as irresponsible, she says: "My daughter, Jill, said to us, 'Mom, Dad, I don't understand why people would say that. Love really, truly multiplies…it doesn't divide. When you have more people in the family, there is that many more people to spread love all around!'" she said. "I think Jill said it very wisely; love does multiply. It's a joy, because there are that many more people and that much more love in the house!"

And if God doesn't bless them with another little miracle, the couple plans to look into adoption.

How many children do you think is too many?