Michelle Bridges has declared war in her household.

It seems fitness guru/boss lady/new mumma Michelle Bridges is braced for a turbulent night at home. Why? Because she’s watching game two of the State of Origin with partner Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis.

While I have little no clue about this rugby league bizzo you North East folk seem to adore so much (Melbourne girl = #AFLforever), Michelle’s latest insta was pretty clear: This. Means. War.

“Steve has not yet seen me walk out into the lounge room in this,” the 45-year-old – who’s donned in a blue NSW jersey – told her 200k followers. “Ummm, have I told you he’s a Queenslander….?”


Now that I have (very professionally) googled what the hell State of Origin is, I think I can say that Queensland took home the cake in round one… right? And this is like, a big deal that people take very seriously… right?

Although I don’t know much about this stuff, what I DO know is that everyone’s fave Biggest Loser coach is set for a loud evening in front of the telly.

Click through to see an album of Michelle Bridge’s family (post continues after gallery).


I wonder who’s gonna get in baby Axel’s ear first. If I can have any input (I know I can’t, but a gals gonna try anyway) Axel, I beg you, ditch this league stuff. Pick up a muddy Sherrin and become a Richmond Tigers fan instead. Please. We need all the support we can get.

Michelle Bridges came into the Mamamia office to chat with Mia Freedman… and there was definitely No Filter.

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