Michelle Bridges' response to all the pregnancy shamers.

When it comes to pregnancy shaming, Michelle Bridges has copped it more than most.

The Biggest Loser star is currently pregnant with her first child at the age of 45 – and during her pregnancy, she’s been criticised for everything from doing sit-ups to jumping into the ocean.

She recently chatted to The Motherish about her pregnancy diet, exercise regime, and how she copes with the haters.

She said her diet had barely changed since falling pregnant.

“I’m eating the same way, just a bit more. I haven’t had any cravings as such. The only thing that’s probably changed is that once I would have a salad with protein for lunch and now I tend to put together a sandwich or wrap,” she said.

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But what has changed was the way she works out.

“The intensity and duration has changed. Also, there are some days where I just don’t train. I would suggest that’s more about my schedule than my feelings,” she said.

“I have trained all my life, so it’s not a body issue or a pressure to get back in shape. I'm not getting caught up in all that kind of pressure. I know that will come when the time is right. Right now my focus is not that. My focus is my child and my family," Bridges added.

Bridges said that over the years, she had learned not to compare herself to others.

“Comparisons are futile, boring and simply a toxic way to live. Yes, it’s wonderful to be inspired, but when you start comparing yourself to another and then beating yourself up about it, there are no winners in that game. Instead, you do what feels right, you give yourself a talking to when needed, you behave like an adult rather than having a tantrum, you take responsibility for your health but you also be kind to yourself," she said.


She said the gender of the baby would be a surprise, and that she tried to ignore the pregnancy shamers.

“I don't listen. Each to their own. And I would think that any mother would agree that it’s all so individual, different and unique. Especially mothers that have had a few children. Every time is probably different in its own way. That’s what makes it all so exciting,” she said.

“I'm 45. I know who I am, I know my body, I respect my body immensely and I'm also very grateful to it. I plan on being kind and gentle to it, but also giving it what it needs to feel strong and empowered again when the time is right. I will get back to me because I know everybody will benefit from that, but my personal belief is that in the immediate future, it’s about my child," Bridges continued.

She had some important advice for mums-to-be when it comes to exercise.

“If you can and you have spoken with your doctor, I say do it. There is so much well-documented research out there about the benefits to mum and bub pre, during and post pregnancy," she said.

Bridges has recently paired up with Woolworths to create the Delicious Nutritious range of healthy, quick meals. She said the meals were designed for busy people who struggled to maintain a well-balanced diet.

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"This concept has been rolling around in my mind for years. I have spent my life’s work spruiking cooking in the kitchen, cooking from scratch, even growing your own veggies...however, I also know that all of us don't always do this seven nights a week. Even I don't," Bridges admitted.

"And whilst I always encourage a big cook up say on the weekend, what about when you've gone away for the weekend? Or your weekend has been as jam packed as your week? I'm a realist and even for the most well intention committed person, the plan doesn't always go accordingly," she said.

"There are vast numbers of Aussies who don't cook. Ever. To take that person from where they are to cooking from scratch is a big ask. I've designed the Delicious Nutritious range to ensure people still eat well and get three serves of veg, whether that's by heating up one of our tasty frozen meals or picking up one of the fresh meal kits and part-cooking when they arrive next year," Bridges concluded.

Sounds like a great idea.

Did you work out while pregnant?

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