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Michelle Bridges shared a photo inside her fridge and The People have questions.

While all of us were living our lives, Michelle Bridges did a thing. She pulled back the curtains on the window to her soul and gave us a good look inside.

By this, we mean she posted a picture of her fridge on Instagram.

Fridges are strangely… intimate. Like snowflakes, no two fridges are the same.

Mostly because the human race can’t seem to decide whether tomato sauce belongs in the cold or on a pantry shelf, but also – we all have places we like to put things, and certain items that we must have at all times.

But we digress. Enough about this writer’s pent up fridge issues, back to Bridges and her fridge. Here it is:


“Ok….it’s not always the tidiest but it’s everything we need and healthy for us! This is a 100% uninterrupted unstylised photo of my fridge, I have not done anything to make it look uber Chic (clearly!),” personal trainer/healthiest-person-who-ever-lived captioned the photo.

It would appear Bridges’ fridge essentials include lots of vegetables, which she lets roam freely on the fridge shelves, lean protein sources like chicken and eggs (all of the eggs), and strawberries.

But The People (us and the internet) have many questions:

  • But where is the wine?
  • No sneaky chocolates tho? Does this mean we’re not allowed to have a square of chocolate after dinner like we thought?!
  • Do we have to eat this stuff if we want to look like you? So fine if so, just asking…
  • Why do you keep SO MANY PACKETS OF NUTS in the fridge and not the pantry?
  • Why are the vegetables not kept in the crisper? Is there a reason for this?
  • Also, why is your broccoli not in a bag or in a container? (This one comes from a v smart Insta commentor who reckons broccoli releases gases that makes other stuff go off, which is equal parts interesting and terrifying)
  • On the topic of the crisper, why do you keep your potatoes and one lonely onion in there? Is that what we’re meant to be doing? is everything we know about potatoes… a lie?
  • Do you have a problem with Tupperware?
  • It would appear you eat real butter… does this mean we get to eat real butter?
  • Are all those eggs for The Commando? Does he down raw eggs in the morning before carrying a tyre to work?
  • Do you legitimately think your fridge is messy? Or were you being self-deprecating?
  • Where do you put the beer?
  • Why are all the proteins packed next to the green things?

LISTEN: P.S. According to Michelle, her and The Commando do legitimately eat carbs and drink wine, even if we can’t see them in their fridge (post continues after audio…)

Above all else, the overwhelming response to Bridges’ fridge porn was that it was representative of the everyday, run of the mill fridge.

“Oh this could be our fridge,” they said. “I keep my nuts in the fridge too,” they said.

We’re… not so sure. Because we did not know keeping nuts in the fridge was a thing. We also don’t know what we’d do with all of those green bunches of leaves.

In the spirit of transparency and representing fridges in all shapes and sizes, which Mamamia is dedicated to upholding, here’s a gallery of our unstyled, kind of gross and definitely not occupational health and safety approved food holders.


And remember, no judgement. At least, not out loud.