Michelle Bridges had a serious 'wardrobe malfunction'. Handled it like a pro.

Fitness expert Michelle Bridges had a shoe emergency only moments before she was due to MC an event at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The new mum put on a brave face and shared the news with her followers on Instagram.

“So I’m about to walk out on stage to MC a big launch event tonight at the MCA and this happens,” she said.

Bridges said a backup pair were on their way but worried they might not get to her in time.

“Somewhere in Sydney CBD there is a taxi driving with another pair of shoes for me….will they get here in time??!!” she said.

The post may have begun as a gaffe but it soon transformed into a brainstorming session for fans offering advice.

Many users suggested Bridges simply forgo wearing shoes and attend the event shoeless and proud.


“If not go bare foot and natural @mishbridges you’re gorgeous either way,” one user wrote.

“Start barefoot. Why the hell not. Great talking point. Lol,” another user said.

Watch Bridges discuss how her body has changed after giving birth. Post continues.

Some users said she should embrace her profession and simply wear runners.

“Pop your runners on,” one user said.

“Just go in runners it will be good introduction material,” another offered.

One user took a more philosophical tone to their advice and said the broken shoe could be used as a motivational tool.

“As a huge motivator problem solver I would say you could walk out in one shoe and use it to say even though there are setbacks you must go on,” they said.

Michelle and young son Axel. Source: Instagram.

One user even said she could just shrug off the shoe dilemma and congratulate herself for being a new mum that turned up.

"As a new mum it's a miracle to get there.. Only to be let down by some gorgeous non-mum shoes," the user said.

It's yet to be known if the back-up shoe made it to Bridges in time but she can be sure of one thing; her fans have her back (and her feet too).

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