Michelle Bridges: In defence of Botox

The master-trainer reveals a little lift is okay by her…

Now this might come as a surprise: Biggest Loser coach and health and fitness expert Michelle Bridges has revealed she’s not opposed to Botox as part of a beauty regime – as long as it enhances the user’s self-esteem.

Bridges, whose 12 Week Body Transformation program has found thousands of devotees across the country, discussed her views on Botox for the first time in an interview with Sydney Confidential.

“I am a fan of anything that makes a person feel good about themselves and more confident,” the 43-year-old revealed, without confirming whether or not she has used the skin-smoothing treatment or other non-surgical enhancements.

However, don’t rush out to have a needle pushed into your face just yet. Bridges insisted there’s nothing better for a woman’s features than a liberal dash of sleep – “I am a big believer in it being majorly anti-ageing” – and some compassion.

“Nothing enhances your features like a gratitude attitude and manners. Sarcasm and judgement is ageing. Compassion is beautiful,” she said.

Well, it’s definitely a cheaper option.

Botox. A tired mum’s best friend or the first shot of a losing battle against age?