Michelle Bridges is already getting Axel ready for his first gym session.

Michelle Bridges‘ son Axel has a lifetime of gruelling fitness classes, tedious salads, and overzealous parents on the sidelines at school sports carnivals ahead, but right now he doesn’t have to worry about much.

The little guy is only 18-weeks-old, but he has already gotten into his first pair of kicks.

Considering he can’t yet walk, let alone operate a treadmill, he’ll definitely grow out of them before he wears out the soles in the gym, although not if Bridges, 45, has her way.

All the better to squat with…????????

A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on Apr 12, 2016 at 2:56pm PDT


Axel was born to Michelle Bridges and her The Biggest Loser co-star Steve “Commando” Willis in December.

She was criticised for the demanding fitness regimen she maintained throughout the pregnancy.

Once the baby was born and both mother and son were shown to be in perfect health, she was then criticised for her post-birth workout regimen.

Baby and mum continue to be in excellent fettle. We fully expect Axel’s first word to be burpee.

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