Michelle Bridges is embracing motherhood and everything that comes with it.

Celebrity trainer and fitness guru Michelle Bridges has opened up about celebrating her first ever Mother’s Day, saying it was “pretty special.”

Having given birth to son Axel in December last year, the 45-year-old mum of one spent the day with her partner Steve “Commando” Willis and her own mum.

“It was pretty special”, The Biggest Loser judge told Daily Mail, adding it was “fantastic, it was very low key… It was nice to be with my mum and be a mum.”

Michelle Bridges and Axel celebrating Mother's Day. Source: Instagram.

Taking a night off to attend the InStyle & Audi Women Of Style awards in Sydney on Thursday night, the fitness mogul said that while slippers were noticeably absent, there was one special gift she hadn't expected.

"I had a song sung to me by both Axel and Steve," she said proudly.

"I woke up and it was just in my head" Willis said. "I don't know why - and I just started singing it," he admitted laughing.

"I loved it!" Bridges replied happily.

Happy parents Steve Willis and Michelle Bridges. Source: Instagram.

Willis, who has three children from a previous relationship also spoke about the importance of days like Mother's Day, saying, it's "what's important in life and family and friends and sharing in those special moments, that's what's important.

The pair originally met while filming reality weight loss show The Biggest Loser and were friends for a number of years before becoming romantically involved.

Video via ABC

Bridges, who spoke of their relationship in a recent episode of Australian Story, came under fire after saying that she'd never met a happy overweight person.

Understandably, many, many people took issue with this, but the trainer defended her comments saying they'd been taken out of context.

"There was a sentence before the one everyone has grabbed onto where I said, 'if you're happy, more power to you'. I've got no issue with that.

"This is about a much bigger and much more important issue… this is about our community at large. It needs to be in context of the health of our nation."

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