Fetch: Michelle Bridges and "Commando" stronger than ever

The super fit 43-year-old Biggest Loser trainer (our favourite queen of exercise) is so busy, it’s a wonder she has any time for love. But oh, she does.

Michelle’s relationship with fellow trainer Steve “Commando” Willis, and her split from husband-manager Bill Moore, has landed her smack-bang on the cover of many gossip magazines. But Michelle has managed to stay sane and focused on her career despite all that turmoil.

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“That’s life,” Michelle says. “Life changes and if it doesn’t you should check your pulse. I still have businesses that are up and running so nothing there is going to change. The Biggest Loser has given me a platform to fulfil my ambitions – to get my message across to as many people as possible. Everybody has a personal life and a professional life and for the most part they don’t cross over. I think the general public know what I do and stand for and who I am.”

And she’s never been more successful – with a shelf-full of books out, a fitness clothing range with Big W, and her online personal training program, the 12 Week Body Transformation. She’s also back on our tellies with the ninth season of Biggest Loser.

Heidi Klum is single, baby

Yep, the 40-year-old super-super-supermodel  is available again! Her relationship with bodyguard Martin Kristen, 41, is all over after a year and a half.

They started dating just months after Heidi filed for divorce from singer (and The Voice mentor) Seal, with whom she has two kids.

Heidi and Martin will ask end their professional relationship – meaning Heidi’s on the lookout for a new bodyguard and a new love-friend.

Margot Robbie’s not a blondie anymore

BREAKING NEWS: Margot Robbie is a brunette! Margot Robbie is a brunette!

Ok, so it would be fair to say we’re mildly obsessed with this Wolf of Wall Street star. This morning, Margot posted this photo online. We’re not quite sure why she’s rocking a Truckie Chic look, but we love the new ‘do.


And if you want to check out her best looks as a blondie, here you go:

The Scarlett Johansson ad that’s too raunchy to air

Oh, ScarJo. You are just too sexy for your own good. This SodaStream ad has been banned from airing at the super bowl.


Singer Lorde discovers the price of overnight fame

The 17-year-old New Zealand singer, who won two Grammys the other night, tweeted furiously  this morning about her newfound fame.

And then, within minutes, she deleted them all.

But we’re quick and observant here at Mamamia, so we took a screenshot photo of all her tweets before she trashed them.


We’re blinded by Johnny Depp’s bling

Yes, Johnny Depp is off the market officially. It’s both tragic and beautiful news…

Here’s his 27-year-old fiancee, actress Amber Heard, showing off her engagement bling.

The rudest photobomb of the year

Jesse Eisenberg (star of magical suspense movie Now You See Me) was being interviewed and photographed at a Sundance after party when a random drunk man photo-bombed him. Exposing his genitals.

The man allegedly passed by outside and pushed himself against the window.

Now You See Me on Fetch.TV

Do you believe in Big Foot?

Now if you believe that Big Foot was killed in 2012 as Texan hunter Rick Dyeris claiming then you might want to wait for the world tour of the carcas. If you believe that Big Foot is still alive then this is the show for you. Join an investigative team to authenticate claims of the sightings across the globe.

Finding Big Foot on Animal Planet

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