These photos from Michelle and Barack Obama's 1992 wedding will melt your bloomin' heart.

There are few things that truly melt our hearts. Namely, they are:

  • Babies
  • Puppies
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Doritos (preferably the red packet – but we’re not picky)

And today, dear reader friends, we have another thing to add to that list: Michelle and Barack Obama’s wedding photos.

These originally surfaced back in 2012, when the then First Lady started up her very own Pinterest account. Now that we’re a full week into the Trump presidency (and want to stick sharp objects in our eyes), why not reminisce these beautiful throwbacks?

These last seven days have been exhausting, so, uh… we deserve it.

Prepare for all the feels.

Here’s one the 53-year-old shared on her Instagram account to celebrate the couple’s 22nd anniversary.


And one that’s so epically ’90s we just can’t deal. (Those sleeves, though.)

(Image: Twitter: Unsmokable)

And, finally, a beauty that surfaced on Twitter just a few months back.

A wee bit tired, are we guys?

We're imagining that's exactly how Michelle and Barack feel after eight years in office.

Aaaaaaah. Things might not be looking great right now, but thank god we always have these gorgeous pictures to look back on.

What are your favourite celebrity photos of all time?