Fancy a date with Michael Turnbull? It'll cost you $13,000.

Start saving up, ladies.

Your dream of sharing pasta and a movie with Bachelorette runner-up, Michael Turnbull, might set you back a lil’ bit. $13,000, to be precise.

It’s only been a couple of months since the 34-year-old’s heart was trampled upon by Sam Frost, but it seems he’s well and truly back into the dating game (provided you pay for it, of course).

Watch Michael and Sasha give each other fake bucks speeches below. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Dan and Maz

Turnbull auctioned a date with himself on eBay last week, promising to put all funds towards helping Joey Lynch – a 23-year-old – fight Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the cancer that has plagued him for eight years.

The soccer player/real estate agent publicised the event on his Facebook page, telling his fans and friends: “To bid on dinner with me in Sydney check out eBay — auction closes at 7:30pm tonight. (Sydney time). Let’s pay it forward and help save a young man that needs us now more than ever.”

The highest bidder (whose identity is yet to be revealed) forked out no less than $13,000 to be on Michael’s tattooed arm for the night, making for what is surely one of the most expensive dinner dates of all time.

It’s a (very, very) steep price to pay, but it’s touching to know that $13,000 is going to such a good cause.

We look forward to finding out who Michael’s mysterious (and clearly loaded) hot date is.

Would you bid for a date with Michael Turnbull?