Horrifying text messages of Australian rugby player released as he faces child sex charges.

The chilling text messages that show Melbourne geneticist Michael Quinn was planning to molest children while on holiday in Los Angeles have been released.

Contained within a criminal complaint filed with the Central District Court of California earlier this week, the messages show Quinn eagerly sharing his interest in having sex with young boys with undercover special agentAaron McLellan, who was posing as a pimp.

When asked what he was interested in, Quinn replied, “I’d like to meet up with a dad who shares his young ones.”

Quinn also told McLellan, who used three fake pedophile personas to catch Quinn, “I’m awake and very keen for some hot action.”

Michael Quinn. Source: Facebook.

Travelling from Melbourne to Los Angeles for a football tournament in May, 30-year-old Quinn spent weeks talking to McLellan before his eventual arrest and shared intimate details of his desires.

In their earliest exchange, McLellan began, "Hello young man. An Aussie aye? I have run across a couple of Aussie pervs on here recently," continuing, "I guess the Aussies are waking from the winter slumber and looking to play. Ha Ha Ha… I think I might be ready for another round of fun. If you understand what I’m saying."


Enthused by the prompt, Quinn replied, "Yep, an Aussie fella here – this is a great site to meet our fellow pervs and good to hear there’s a few of us Down Under."

Quinn also told McLellan he would "love to share" a young boy with him and admitted that he liked "catching up with older experienced pervs" because "they’ve got good profiles."

Michael Quinn. Source: Facebook.

Several days after arriving in Los Angeles, Quinn eventually met up with McLellan, taking an Uber to the hotel room in which he would later be arrested and handing over $260USD to a fake pimp in exchange for sex with the six-year-old boy that would never arrive.

Upon his arrest, police seized Quinn's wallet, camera and tripod.

Quinn struck a deal with prosecutors last month, pleading guilty to travelling to the United States to have sexual conduct with a child.

Speaking to the media following the deal, US Attorney Eileen Decker said that through the operation, officials had ensured "no child was put in harms way and that Mr Quinn would face severe consequences for his conduct."

Quinn now faces up to 13 years in prison and will be sentenced in October.