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"We feel robbed." Australia reacts to Michael and Hayley's video-less cheating scandal.

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If there’s one thing we need to distract ourselves from everything going on right now, it’s a drama-filled MAFS episode – and tonight’s did not disappoint.

We saw the return of contestants like Poppy and Chris, and it didn’t take long for everyone to start talking about Michael and Hayley’s infamous kissing scandal (of course).

To no one’s surprise, Michael was still on the fence about whether he cheated or not, even though precisely everyone knows he did.

Hayley still very much believes she and Michael hooked up. Meanwhile, Chris, who’s supposed to be the star witness (yes, MAFS has turned into a cheesy courtroom drama now) says he didn’t see them kiss.

But wait, because Vanessa is back and she has evidence.

Yep, the long-awaited video proof of Hayley and Michael (that the producers hyped up all week) was about to put an end to all the manufactured drama we’ve admittedly become way too obsessed with.

Alas, Vanessa admitted there’s no video and in a single moment, she manages to let down the entire nation. Yep, apparently she made the whole thing up so Michael would confess to what he did.

And we feel cheated.

But in another twist, Vanessa revealed that apparently Stacey has cheated on Michael by hooking up with someone else.

Here’s how Australia reacted.







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