Michael Jackson's fans think he is alive, thanks to a photo from his daughter.

Paris Jackson posting a selfie to Instagram isn’t normally an event worthy of discussion, let alone a headline.

But today it seems like the whole internet is talking about a seemingly typical snap the 21-year-old uploaded back in May.

This is it. Straw hat. Sunnies. Behind the wheel of a car. Nothing even remotely remarkable. Except for what (or should that be ‘who’) is in the back seat.

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See that shadowy blur over Paris’ right shoulder? Despite it bearing a striking resemblance to a pile of clothes and a headrest, some Instagram users are convinced it’s Michael Jackson making a ghostly cameo in his daughter’s photograph, some seven years after he died of a prescription drug overdose.

“Oh my god, Michael Jackson is it really you?”, wrote one follower.

“Omg can’t believe Michael is back there,” wrote another.

And this. “Believe. I don’t think Michael is dead. ‘The great [live] forever.”

The chatter began on Sunday, three months after she posted the picture, and had since attracted hundreds of comments and headlines around the world.

One believer was even inspired to create a video supposedly proving that The King of Pop lives on.

The clip, which combines Paris’ selfie with photos of Michael, has been viewed over half a million times on YouTube.

michael jackson alive paris jackson selfie

Yet while some people claim ghostly apparition and others suggest he never actually died, plenty more have posted comments calling for the insensitive speculation to stop.

"Must be so upsetting for Paris to read all of this nonsense," wrote one woman on the original post.

"OMG Stop this now people!" urged another. "I don't even know what there is to say to articulate how ridiculous this is."

Unsurprisingly, Paris seems to being ignoring the whole thing.

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