The Mia Freedman x South of The Border collaboration is here to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

Mia is always saying how much she loves South of the Border style and most days can be found wearing at least one Border piece, if not her full head-to-toe outfit.

The truth is, though, the admiration goes both ways. I love Mia’s style.

I love that she mixes prints. Embraces colour.

Mia is not afraid to rock a bit of sparkle. She does not care what other people think or what fashion dictates she should wear.

Image: South of the Border designer Vanessa Cranfield and Mia Freedman.

Mia is a busy woman who admits that sometimes, with all the balls she has in the air, she drops the odd one. The exact woman I think of when I am designing.

South of the Border asked Mia to collaborate on a couple of styles that she would love to wear.

We asked Mia Freedman what would make a perfect shoe. Her answers?

1. Shiny. Done.
2. Comfortable. Done. We put extra padding between the soul and the inner so you feel like you are floating on air.
3. Slightly pointed toe so you can wear them with a pant or a skirt.

Image: South Of The Border Sydney

Knowing Mia, she will clash with leopard and throw in a little tartan and floral for fun.

She would also need to be able to run in it. So I did a chunky stack heel with a bit of height (four centimetres).

Listen: South of The Border designer Vanessa Cranfield talks to Mia Freedman about her family and her career. Post continues after audio.

I also like the idea of a slightly pointed toe so that it goes with a dress or pant, so we went with that for the boot, too.

Today looks like this. My @southofthebordersydney boots have arrived in store now. ????????????????

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This boot has a cool, 1960s vibe. We could picture Twiggy or Veruschka wearing them. So we called them Veruschka.

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We hope you love them,

Mia and Vanessa x

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