Book now: Mia Freedman interviews the hilarious Rosie Waterland at a special event.

How writing could change your life with Mia Freedman and Rosie Waterland.

Discover how writing could change your life! Just like it did for two of Australia’s most influential women, Mia Freedman and Rosie Waterland.

In an exclusive up close and in-person live event in September, Mia Freedman and Rosie Waterland will talk about:

  • How Rosie went from blogger to writer on Mamamia and then best-selling author
  • What makes a great memoir
  • The art of writing personal stories
  • Rosie’s famous recaps
  • Rosie’s new book The Anti-Cool Girl and how she survived an extraordinarily difficult childhood to become a voice of her generation

It will be informative, authentic, moving and hilarious…… and you can meet Rosie in person afterwards as she signs copies of her book (which will also be available to buy if you haven’t got one yet).

Tickets are going fast, book now to secure your place.

Soak up the experiences of writing a best-selling book (Rosie) and running Australia’s largest digital media network for women (Mia) and listen to two of Australia’s most influential, interesting women talk about life, growing up and finding their voice – and how you can too…

Uplifting, funny, touching and unfiltered, it’s a conversation that could change your life.

Make it a girls’ night out: grab a friend, sister or co-worker, have a laugh and a drink and an unforgettable experience.

Tickets include champagne and canapes and are selling fast…

Mamamia Live is on Monday 14th September at 6pm.