Work, children, writing, podcasts. How does Mia Freedman do it all?

When Mia Freedman started Mamamia, it was a simple blog run out of her lounge room. These days, it’s become the Mamamia Women’s Network.

Mia, alongside her husband Jason, leads a team of over 100 mostly women who work together every day to bring you Mamamia, The Glow, Debrief Daily and The Motherish as well as a growing podcast network and Mamamia TV.

Mia has worked in the media for her entire professional life. She was appointed Editor of Cosmopolitan at 24 years old, the youngest ever.

Mia Freedman. image supplied.

Mia has three children aged between 17 and 6.

Mia's work as content director on the Mamamia Women's Network sees her days start at 6am and end at 10pm into which she fits a full day at work, picking the children up for the office and constant contact with the news.

In March this year, Mia wrote about her anxiety. It was the first time she spoke publicly about her condition and the essay garnered an extraordinary response.

As she speaks with Sarah McDonald on I Don't Know How She Does ItMia describes the four pillars required for her to manage her work, spend quality time with her children and manage her anxiety; sleep, routine, exercise and medication.

Listen to the podcast below, or subscribe to the entire series of I Don't Know How She Does It here.

Is routine important for keeping you on track?

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