Podcast: Mia and Jam talk Perez Hilton, Oscars & the modelling industry.

We’ve unofficially made 2013 the year of the Podcast.

Every week, Mamamia Publisher Mia Freedman and Managing Editor Jamila Rizvi will be sitting down to talk about – well, whatever is going on really.

In the very first podcast a few weeks ago, the two of them managed to talk for 20 minutes about drugs in sport. Which is remarkable considering Mia’s well-known disinterest for all things sporty.

The second time round, they spoke about: Lena Dunham’s character being branded as ‘too ugly’ to sleep with her hot co-star, what goes on behind the scenes on the Today Show, post-traumatic stress disorder after birth and the website that hooks uni students up with rich guys to pay for their education.

This week they’re discussing Perez Hilton’s baby announcement, Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars, childhood obesity and Kirstie Clements speaking out about what goes on in the world of high end fashion and modelling.

Enjoy it!

(Here’s a picture of Jam and Mia recording the podcast in the office – if you hear typing in the background, that’s why!)

Mia and Jamila recording the podcast.