OITNB’s ‘meth-head Angie’ looks totally different in real life and we can't look away.

After 13 hours of snack-fuelled binge watching, the inmates of Orange is the New Black can start to seem very real.

Which is why it always comes as a bit of a shock when you’re confronted with the women behind the khaki uniforms and nicotine stained teeth.

Last week we couldn’t get enough of ‘Skinhead Helen’ actress Francesca Curran, and today we’re busting out ‘Angie Rice’, or meth-head Angie as she’s known to most.

Onscreen, she’s a drug addled laundry worker who is attached at the hip to former Amish woman and fellow addict, Leanne.

meth head angie actress
Angie. And Angie's teeth. Image: Netflix.

Offscreen, she's Californian Julie Lake, a former theatre actress with a degree from Yale University. And very nice teeth.

Speaking to TooFab, Lake said the transformation to Litchfield inmate is unnervingly short.

"I wish I could say it takes three hours to make me look hideous, but it's probably like .. the makeup alone is two minutes and the hair is maybe 20," she said.

The tangled extensions play their part, but ultimately it's all about the rotting pearly...umm, browns.

"I remember the first time they did it I looked in the mirror and smiled and burst out laughing. It was just endlessly amusing to me at first," she told TooFab. "They have a palate of colours that's like tobacco stain, nicotine, coffee, dark greens, yellows and browns, it's disgusting. Then they just paint it on, it's like 30 seconds tops, let it dry and good to go."

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It might not take long, but the make-under is significant enough that it means Lake rarely gets recognised in public.

Even when she's with her fellow castmates from the juggernaut Netflix series.

"I remember we were in the subway once, and there were five of us. And this girl came up and she was like, 'Oh my God! It's the cast of Orange. Oh my God!' And she handed me her camera and was like, 'Will you take a picture of us?'"