Jennifer Lawrence photobombs SJP, wins the Met Gala.

1. Jennifer Lawrence photobomb’s SJP, wins the Met Gala internet.

Met Gala wrap-up:

It’s the only red carpet event of the year where a ‘safe’ nude, tulle strapless gown will earn you a fashion police fine.

By now you’ve probably heard of the Costume Institute Gala at the Met. Vogue magazine threw the punk-themed bash and as everyone was dressed to impress Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour it led to some fairly interesting fashion choices: Madonna wore fishnet hot pants and a bum crucifix, Sarah Jessica Parker flashed her knickers, Beyonce matched her boots to her dress and Nicole Richie spray painted her hair grey.

Here’s the 20 must-see looks from the night:

And if you missed ALL the red carpet looks yesterday, check them out below:

And now for the best gifs from the night:

Katie Holmes stifling a yawn.

2. Rihanna has tweeted that Nicole Ritchie outfit at the Met Ball made her want to “throw up”. And Nicole was … thrilled. This is why.

3. Chinese version of Iron Man 3 has been edited to include milk.

In other entertainment news, the Chinese release of Iron Man 3 had an extra four minutes of film which was filled in with the introduction of a Chinese character named “Dr Wu” and included product placement of a milk drink, Gu Li Duo, which was a source of energy for Robert Downey Jr’s character.

The film’s release topped the Chinese box offices five days after opening, earning 410 million yuan ($64 million) since last Wednesday.


4. Gwyneth Paltrows keeps assuring everyone her marriage is fine, so why wouldn’t she be photographed with husband Chris Martin at the Met Ball? Click to read more.

5. Oh My God Becky….

Prepare to feel old, Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back is now 21 years old.

The hit was released on May 7, 1992, becoming one of the biggest songs of the 90s.

6. Which female singer is going to jail for tax evasion?

7. Celebrity Apprentice: Don’t mess with Roxy.

Sweaty Betty founder and Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Roxy Jacenko has let slip that Olympian Stephanie Rice MAY have had a “rendezvous” with Dane Bouris (the son of Mark) who is a judge on the show.

“There is a rumour, that perhaps Ms Rice, but you never heard it here, may have had some sort of a rendezvous with Bouris Jnr,” Jacenko said in a radio interview with Triple M.

The 32-year-old also let rip by calling the swimmer a “pain in the backside”.

“She’s rude, she’s one of those people when someone is so kind to bring them their lunch she goes, “thanks for lunch but aren’t you going to take the cling wrap off”, and I’m like, “take the bloody cling wrap off you lazy cow,” Jacenko said.