The most common messes your kids will make (and how to clean them).

No matter how closely you watch your children, mess is inevitable.

Ah children. Such fascinating, intriguing little creatures.

Who also happen to be incredibly messy.

Jerry Seinfield once said, “Having a 2-year-old is like having a blender without a lid.” It’s damn messy. Even as I write this, I’m watching my youngest son distribute dog kibble over the entire kitchen floor.

Hopefully this list will help other parents in the quest for cleanliness.

Nappy Cream  

There comes a time in every parents life when they leave the room for two minutes, only to return to find a child covered head to toe in nappy rash cream. The furniture and carpet is also likely to fall victim.

The best way to deal with a white wonderland is to use dish washing detergent on both the child and the furniture. If the stains on the carpet are really bad, you may want to consider a steam clean which can be done using a hot iron.

Craft Related Mess 

Rainy days inside with kids are great (not) so if you’re left with paint and markers all over the place first try a wet cloth or a baby wipe.

If they managed to get their hands on the non washable stuff, use a small amount of baby oil or vinegar or try a magic eraser (available at the supermarket in the cleaning aisle).

Just breath.


There is nothing quite like the refreshing odour of milk left to linger. Any parent who has found a two-week-old discarded bottle hiding around the house knows what I mean. So you can imagine that getting to the spill quickly is pretty important. Try and blot the stain with a paper towel or cloth first, rather than rubbing the milk further into the carpet fibres. If there is a stain, try dabbing on some lemon juice.


Ohhh this one is good fun.

If the gum is in your kids hair (or their siblings) first rub an ice cube over it to freeze it. You don't want to squish it into any more hair than is already involved. Then you can try and comb it out.


If the gum is nestled snugly into a car seat or a piece of furniture, still use the ice cube and then get a soft toothbrush and try and brush it off. Use some gentle dishwashing liquid on the toothbrush.

That's not going to end well.


My kids love juice. I don't love when they inevitably coat my house with it. Just like with milk, try and get to the spill quickly and blot (don't rub) the stain with an absorbent towel. Then, bring out that trusty old detergent and warm water combination and dab onto the area.


While your favourite shade of red looks great on your face, it probably does not look good on the carpet. If your child got a hold of your lipstick, or you accidentally stepped on a dropped tube, grinding it into the floor, act fast to remove it. The sooner you begin the attempt, the easier removal will be.

That very rarely just ends there.

First remove any large pieces of lipstick by lifting them off with a knife. Try and avoid pushing any more colour into the carpet.

Next, because lipstick adheres to carpet fibres with grease, you need to use something specifically targeted. Most multi purpose cleaners will work but just patch test it first to make sure it won't bleach the floor. Then blot the cleaner on and soak up excess product with a clean paper towel.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

When you have most of the colour out, dab some warm water on and dry with a towel.

Have you got any failsafe methods for cleaning kid related mess?

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