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Hayley threw a message into the ocean. Six years later, she received a bizarre text.

While many of us are now hoping to find love online, six years ago, one girl was investing all her hopes in an old school method.

Eighteen-year-old Hayley Robbins shared her unusually romantic story via Twitter, and we’re starting a petition to get Hollywood to make it into a movie ASAP.

Six years ago, Hayley was at the beach feeling particularly lucky. As any shameless 12-year-old would, she wrote her name and phone number on a softball in an innocent attempt to get “cute guys” to text her and threw it into the ocean with nothing but sheer hope.


Time passed, and expectedly, she’d forgotten all about her random search for love. That is, until she received a text message just last week.

"You're joking oh my god." Love is no joke, Hayley. Image: @_hrobb Twitter.

“Hey, I wanna be a superhero. Guess my name.”

The text message was complete and utter textbook romance, and just like the entire situation, belonged in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

The mystery person said their name was "Adam", and that they had found Hayley’s softball untouched on the beach.

But like many good things, this one quickly came to an end when "Adam" finally admitted their true identity. "Adam" was in fact a 16-year-old girl named Kelci. At first, Kelci told Hayley her name was Ashley, because, well… we’re not sure, honestly.


Although Hayley could have responded sourly like most catfish victims do, she was not at all fazed by Kelci/Ashley/Adam’s confession.

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And just like that, a friendship was formed between two teenage girls, because who needs Adam, am I right ladies?!

After posting this bizarre exchange on Twitter and accidentally sharing her mobile number on the internet, Hayley has received countless responding tweets and text messages from people all over the world. One of which could definitely (probably not) be the Adam of her dreams.

So, while Hayley and Kelci have the magical ocean tides to thank for their newfound friendship, the Internet might just bring Hayley the “cute guy” her 12-year-old self was yearning for.