Meshel Laurie: We hadn't slept in the same bed for five years.

Here at MM, we’re huge fans of Aussie comedienne, Meshel Laurie. Not just because we think that she’s absolutely hilarious, an inspiring humanitarian and incredibly clever (which she is) but because she’s real.

Meshel is the sort of lady who is always willing to share her experiences: the good and the bad. She sat down with Monty Dimond from Show + Tell to candidly chat about her decision to end her marriage:

“As soon as I got serious about having kids… I needed a circuit breaker. I needed to say: ‘I wanna be happy again.’ Because we hadn’t slept in the same bed in five years.”

She also discusses the IVF cycle that conceived her adorable twins:

“As I’d get older, I’d think to myself: ‘Well I’m not 35… And if I don’t intervene it’s never gonna happen and I’m never gonna be someone’s mum.'”

And her husband’s reluctance to undergo treatment:

“He did it, you know. He would get his sperm sample for me and stuff like that. But there was no enthusiasm or encouragement or excitement about it.”

Thanks to Show + Tell for this video. Check out their On the Couch series for more interviews with awesome Aussie women.