Meshel Laurie found out she was pregnant. But her husband didn't want her to be.

So, you’re pregnant. And you’re stoked. It’s twins. But your partner isn’t happy. He doesn’t want kids. The story of how you forced him into IVF and what happened as a result of that is one that will shape both your lives.

This is Meshel Laurie’s story. Comedian, radio host, author, feminist, podcaster, social justice warrior, mother, ex-wife, Tinder survivor and Buddhist.

On the latest episode of No Filter, Meshel joins me to talk everything from Buddhism to working in brothels.

But one of the the most honest things we speak about is her IVF experience.

"I always wanted to have children but he talked me out of it a lot. I want to do everything now all the time... After years of that we realised we were infertile," she said.

So Meshel went to IVF. But her ex wasn't for it.

"It was horrible. He came to the first appointment under difference and never came again," she said.

"It was very lonely. I remember the moment I told him I was pregnant. I went by myself and had a scan and there were two babies. I phoned him from the car park and there was no reaction from him at all."

Hear Meshel talk about that here:


Meshel is one of the most dynamic, fierce, sensitive, introspective, caring, determined women I know. She’s one of the good ones, one of the women who use her power and platform to speak up for those without power, without a way to be heard. She pulls them up next to her and puts her microphone in front of them - often literally - so their voices can reach her huge audience.

Make no mistake - not every woman in a powerful position does this. It’s a really generous, selfless and important thing to do. As a feminist and as an advocate for marginalised people,  walks her talk.

I’ve known Meshel a little bit for a few years and I’ve watched with such interest as she’s come into her own as a public figure, owning her beliefs and opinions, even when they’re not popular. Even when they disadvantage her career.

She’s a fascinating woman and you’re going to love this interview.

Here’s Meshel

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