Mercury retrograde is here to mess with your relationships. Here's what it means for you.

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Mercury’s retrograde has a notorious reputation. But with a bit of astrological know-how, you can use the trickster planet’s reversal to your advantage.

Every Mercury retrograde is a little different. This time, Mercury steps back from December 13th to January 1st, 2024 in the earth sign Capricorn and fire sign Sagittarius.

Depending on how this zodiac rewind triggers your sign, you can learn how to turn Mercury’s retrograde mayhem into magic.



Mercury's retrograde questions the give-and-take ratio between you and your sweetheart. What seems fair and reasonable to you may look different to your partner. Figure out how to strike the right balance and avoid comparing yourself to other couples' apparent relationship bliss. Singles work brilliantly behind the scenes in a mutually beneficial partnership. Just don't sign official agreements until Mercury's retrograde has ended.



You'll pick up excellent tips and tricks that improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing while Mercury reverses through your health zone. This retrograde supports a glow up! If you've been unwell, now is an excellent time to organise a medical check-up. Action this towards the end of December, so you receive your results after Mercury retrograde is over. Things will make more sense then.

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A love review is on the cards. Couples up the ante in the romance department but may encounter a misunderstanding or a clash of differences. Cool your jets! Know that trickster Mercury is messing with you; it's not an accurate indication of your partner's feelings. Singles feel pressured to make a decision. Take your sweet time, and don't rush into anything you're not 100 per cent ready for.



Family responsibilities are a juggling act during Mercury's rewind. Frustration arises from trying to take on too much, so aim to balance home duties with self-care. Stealing moments in solitude is the key to maintaining inner peace. This retrograde, declutter and clean draws, desks and cupboards. As Mercury reverses through your home zone, consider donating unwanted items to an organisation that supports the homeless.



Lionesses with a solid social media presence rethink their approach during this Mercury retrograde. Others do a digital detox, one of two ways. You'll either get off tech to give yourself a break from negative news or get super organised by sorting files on your computer, phone or tablet. Consider colour coding your folders for easy reference. Attending to tedious tasks during Mercury's retrograde pays off tenfold down the track.



Although you feel uneasy about your moneyscape, use Mercury's retrograde to face financial facts. A cold hard look at your budget rewards you with an innovative idea to increase your earnings. Aim to balance your incomings with your outgoings. Many brilliant start-ups have been hatched during Mercury's retrograde. Just don't move forward with new schemes or sign on the dotted line until Mercury goes direct.



With Mercury reversing through your sign, self-reflection is highlighted, but please don't be too hard on yourself. Mercury's retrograde inspires making changes from the inside out. You'll be tempted to revamp your wardrobe, cut your hair or get a tattoo. Still, it's best to wait until after Mercury retrograde's dust has settled before diving in. Until then, it's safe for you to dream up a gorgeous, updated look. A vision board would be the perfect way to imagine the final result before fully committing.



Mercury encourages you to take time out. You'll be more introverted than usual, but rather than assuming something's wrong, honour your intuitive needs. If you crave peace and quiet, retreat minus the guilt. Curl up in your favourite nook to read or write in your journal. You'll come up with astonishing personal insights if you do. Greater depths can be achieved in your meditation and spiritual practices during this retrograde.



Mercury's retrograde orders a friendship inventory when you don't feel warm and fuzzy towards your usual crew. Still, if you can't vibe with your tribe, seek out new souls on a more evolved, spiritually sophisticated level. On the bright side, a long-lost friend gets in touch. Reminiscing about the past brings validation, helping you determine what you want from your friendships moving forward.



Mercury's rewind pokes career goals. You're torn in different directions, unable to make a firm decision without specific facts at your disposal. Fulfilment, ambition and your salary are valid concerns during this retrograde. Yet, what you can do is weigh up the pros and cons with the information you have. And don't worry. Things miraculously sort themselves out once Mercury's retrograde ends.



Mercury's retrograde brings a lesson or a snippet of information that turns out to be a game-changer. This could play out in a literal sense, meaning that you acquire a golden nugget of knowledge in a classroom environment. But a more cryptic possibility is that you gain a pearl of wisdom through an experience, discussion or a message from beyond. If you can't travel, expand your mind through books and online reading.



Mercury's retrograde seduces your intimacy zone. How can you connect with your existing partner or a new lover on a deeper, more profound level? Sure, sex is part of the equation, but emotional intimacy trumps even the most earth-shattering climax. Mercury's retrograde tempts you to look beyond the veil. Not just to uncover how your love interest ticks but also to find out something fascinating about yourself.

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