A scientist's unusual name got The Project fans talking. Here's the story behind it.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Project, Australia was introduced to a scientist with an unusual name.

Sure, there are plenty of unique names out there in the world, but this was one you really you don’t hear on the streets every day: Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow, or Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow in full.

The biohacker appeared on the Channel 10 panel show to discuss the possibility of using worms to break down plastic bags.

A quick glimpse at Twitter indicated many of The Project‘s fans were intrigued, with many asking the same question: is that his legal name?

Carrie Bickmore and Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow on The Project. (Channel 10)

The answer is simple: yes, yes it is.

Meow-Meow explained the story behind his name in an interview with HuffPost Australia last year.

"I was name agnostic. I thought it would be a really interesting experience to change your name because not many people have that experience," he told the website.

"I sat down with a group of friends and made a list of names that sounded fun and then we thought of which ones rolled off the tongue the nicest and we came up with one that we thought was novel and fun and I changed it."

Listen: Just some of the practicalities of having an unusual name. (Post continues after audio.)


As notes, the name is a nod to the film Super Troopers. However, there's more to this man than his name.

If you vote in the electorate of Grayndler, you probably remember that Meow-Meow ran as a candidate for the Science Party in the last federal election, against MP Anthony Albanese.

While he didn't take out the seat, he did have the honour of being election analyst Antony Green's favourite candidate name:

As described on his candidate page, Meow-Meow is a molecular biologist, entrepreneur, and futurist who believes "the major challenges facing the world currently are solvable through scientific research combined with technological action". He also opened Australia’s first DIY biohacking lab in 2014.

Oh, and back to the worms — Meow-Meow was served a curveball question from Project panelist Tommy Little, who asked: "Fifi [Box] told me she currently has worms, should she take a tablet or simply shove a plastic bag up her bum?" (That's just asking for trouble, Tommy...)

His answer was perfectly dignified and wise: "I'm not a medical doctor, so I'm the wrong person to ask."