9 women on the sexiest thing their partner has ever done.


He walked into the room, his jeans hanging low on his hips, lifting his shirt up slightly to place his hand confidently on his stomach.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, his left eye winking as his tongue curled over the final, drawn out word.

“Hungry for what?” I replied, slowly licking my top lip.

“Dinner,” he said definitively.

“You might not be hungry yet because it’s only just past 5:30pm and I know you had a late lunch, but I thought I might get started now, so it’s ready just as you start to complain that you’re hungry and you don’t know what you feel like. I’m making lasagne. I bought all the ingredients on my way home from work.”

Oh goodness. 

I quivered, the air suddenly drawn from my lungs.

It was the sexiest moment of my life. And round two, where he sorted the dishes and then asked what true crime documentary we should watch tonight, was even better.

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We spoke to nine women about the sexiest thing a man had ever done to them, and the answers are very, very, suitable for work.

“When I’m burning the house down cooking because of our stupid electric oven top, he’s there prepped to press the button to turn off the fire alarm…”

“Set all of our direct debits up.”

“Bought a Dyson.”

“Soaked my bras.”

“Takes the lead on Uber Eats. Every time.”

“Cleared the bathroom of all pieces of hair after shaving his beard.”

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“Recorded My Kitchen Rules for me.”

“Left the country for three days when the final Harry Potter book came out so I could concentrate on what mattered.”

“Without me knowing he bought tickets in advance to an event I wanted to go to and then I just got the text and fell deeper in love.”

And these are just the beginning.

This Mother’s Day, remember there’s nothing sexier than sharing the mental load.