Someone has created "men's lingerie" and we can't stop looking.


The underwear you didn’t ask for has arrived. With lace trim, a silk front and the perfect coverage, it sounds like a description for a new Victoria’s Secret campaign, but it’s not for us. It’s for men.

Yep…men. Men’s lingerie.

Designer Roman Sipe created men’s lingerie back in 2014 and has just released the first line for his brand Menagerié. It’s everything we expected.

Well, we actually didn’t know what to expect.

Still, Sipe nailed it.

Because this is what you dream of waking up to on a Sunday.

His collection includes briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, singlets and, inexplicably, even a male waist trainer.

"People either love it, hate it, or find it interesting," Sipe tells Refinery29. 

"The homosexual community grasped the concept. They now have options that are classier and more elegant than what’s currently on the market."

Before Menagerié, if you typed 'men's lingerie' into Google, you'd find a whole lot of (very) NSFW costumes, leather, and other assorted…pieces. Which is part of the reason Sipe decided to focus his skills on the road not taken: classy underwear for men that looks nice and gives support in all the right places.

Scroll through to see more photos from Menagerié on their Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

Sipe says his biggest buyers have been women. Not that this is surprising—women have always been the primary buyers of men's underwear. If we left it to men, they'd still be wearing their underwear from college.

And most of us have stolen a partner's underwear to sleep in at some point. Now they're lacy, it's even more tempting.

"More than half of all orders placed have been by women. Whether they were buying for themselves, their significant other, or their best gay friend is beyond me," Sipe says.

This first collection is just the start of Menagerié's success—Sipe's website features swimwear and loungewear too.

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