“So this is a… whisk is it?" The hilarious video that asks men to explain women's sex toys.

“So this is a… whisk is it?

“Looks like it should be on the back of a toy boat.”

“How many settings are there, it’s not turning off!”

“If you put this on your temple it’s good for a headache.”

Can you guess what any of these blokes are referring to? A propeller? A cold damp towel? A fancy, multi-setting kitchen utensil perhaps?

Wrong. They’re talking about the little friend you keep stashed under your bed in a shoebox.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a dildo.

YouTube channel, The Facts. has come up with a video so brilliant we cannot stop replaying it. Why? Because there’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching a series of grown men fumble and giggle about women’s sex toys and the word ‘cleeeetoris’.

It’s four minutes of pure genius that has taught us this (incredibly useful) equation:

Grown men + Women’s sex toys + A camera = ENTERTAINMENT.

Has your partner ever made a hilarious comment about your sex toys?