A bunch of adult men were asked to draw a vagina. They.... struggled.

We couldn’t finish the year without one last vagina-themed post, now could we?

It’s a running joke that men don’t know their way around a vagina, and it turns out it’s not so much of a joke after all.

It’s entirely, depressingly true.

At least, when it comes to drawing them. Elizabeth Plank, Senior Editor of Mic, asked her unsuspecting male colleagues to try their best with drawing a vagina. The results? Wrong, just so wrong.

Attempt number 1. It looks like a pretty, striped mirror.

Attempt number 2. A mountain? A snowy mountain? What?

Attempt number 3. This has to be a hotdog.

Attempt number 4. Now, this one is quite festive. It looks like The Grinch.

The entire video is below. It is an absolute must-watch:

While it’s all well and good for us to laugh at the attempt, Plank actually had a sobering message to viewers about why she did this experiment.

“America’s male elected officials continue to aggressively legislate women’s bodies in the year 2014, even though they often seem not to know basic facts about women.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Click through the gallery below for more things that look like vaginas.