Turns out men are really confused by this common makeup tool.

I’m sure there’s a lot we do as women that seems totally mystical to men.

Wearing belts that don’t hold anything up. That fancy ‘turban’ thing we do to dry our hair. Saying “I’m fine” when we’re definitely not fine.

But there’s one thing that confuses them above all, and it’s a humble makeup tool many of us use every day. The eyelash curler.


Men just don't get it.

My partner has often looked on in strange bemusement when I've used it in front of him, but it wasn't until I saw a recent thread in a makeup forum I'm in that I realised just how widespread the confusion - and fear - among mankind was.

Someone had shared a picture of a lash curler, with instructions to send the image to your boyfriend asking him what it is - and then share his response.

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Hundreds of women replied with the (often hilarious) results.

"Nail clipper?", "Eye straightener?" and "Vagina spreader?" were just some of the hopeful responses from boyfriends.

Naturally, I couldn't resist trying it out on some of my own male friends, asking them whether without googling or asking anyone, they could identify the object in the image.

Let's just say some fared better than others. (Post continues after gallery.)


"Haha hmm, well without googling I'd say it's a surgical instrument, maybe a tool to hold something apart when operating," said one, while another responded, "I feel like it's a tool a gyno would use..."

Not quite.

eyelash curler text

Image: Supplied/Brittany Stewart

"Eyelash extension application," suggested another.

Interestingly, most who immediately identified it had partners who were interested in makeup.

"I believe it to be an eyelash curler but also think it is somehow used to help to fake eyelashes? I have been witness to too many of my girlfriend's makeup tutorial videos," said one friend. (Post continues after gallery.)


However the best responses came from a colleague Jessie who posed the same question to two of her male friends.

"Looks like a bar stool or bottle opener," wrote one.

And the winner?


Image: Supplied/Jessie Stephens