Brisbane men arrested over 2011 rape of woman leaving West End nightclub.

By Josh Bavas

Two Brisbane men have been arrested over the brutal rape of a woman in West End almost six years ago.

The 20-year-old victim suffered significant injuries in the attack on the night of April 15, 2011 as she was leaving a venue to catch a bus home.

Police said the woman was leaving a private function at the Uber nightclub on Boundary Street at about 11:30pm, but was forced into an alley off Melbourne Street and violently assaulted.

This morning police arrested a 24-year-old Auchenflower man at an address in Annerley and charged him with three counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and one count of deprivation of liberty.

A 32-year-old Ashgrove man was also arrested by New South Wales police in Lismore this morning and is set to be charged with the same offences.

Specialist Queensland police investigators have travelled south of the border to seek his extradition.

Detective Inspector Garry Watts said investigators spoke to the victim today.

“She expressed relief that two offenders have been caught and are now currently before the courts,” he said.

He said the arrests had come after a renewed push for information.

“Not once was the matter ever put in a box and labelled too hard,” he said.

“Investigators both within the Brisbane region and the sex crimes unit have worked diligently to get the result that we’ve got today.

“I thank the members of the public who not only called more recently but also back in 2011.

“We received a large amount of information and that information has led us to the result that we have achieved today.”

‘Raped in the worst way I have seen in my service’

The breakthrough came after police last week appealed for information about the attack and released security camera footage of the two suspects.

Days after the sexual assault, Inspector Rod Kemp said it was the worst attack he had investigated in his career.

“She was most aggressively raped in the worst way that I have seen in my service,” he said.

At the time, Inspector Kemp said the woman had done nothing to put herself in danger.

“All I can say is this person did the right thing as far as I’m concerned, she stuck to the main drag as she walked down to catch the bus but unfortunately this happened so it shows you’ve got to be very wary of your own safety.”

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