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The 5 sisters who shared a wedding.

How would you feel about sharing your wedding day with another bride? How about four other brides? How about four other brides who were also your sisters?

This week, five sisters, aged 20 – 28, all married on the one day in what’s now being referred to as “The Mega Wedding”. Apparently the five siblings – Emily, 28, Bradford, 26, Sydney, 25, Walker, 24,  and Brooke, 20 – were all engaged within a month of each other, so their dad suggested they get married on the same day.

Good one, Dad.

ABC America reports:

5 siblings

A family that close didn’t want to leave anyone out of such an important event as a sibling’s wedding. But with one son – and groom – required to report to Air Force pilot training at the end of August, just weeks after returning from two years of graduate school in England, there were very few dates available to schedule five separate weddings.

So while there was some resistance at first, the family admits, the desire to include everyone with everything led to this one day.

Brooke Waldie, and fiance Todd Cook, 25, were the last engaged. Her four older siblings were already planning the combined wedding day by then.

While each ceremony will be separate, the reception will be for all five couples Friday night at the Falcon Field Air Force Museum.

Andee, one of two sisters not getting married Friday, is a bridesmaid for four of the couples.

And yes, that means she has four different bridesmaid dresses to wear.

She and already-married sister Samantha Hildreth, 23, a bridesmaid for three of the couples, will don mulitcolored skirts for the reception to blend in wherever they’re standing.

“The fact that they put the love of family above themselves and personal desires, at the end of the day, that’s what this is about,” Doug Waldie said of his children. “We’ve always been close. We’ve always done everything together. So this just fit.”

As Kath and Kim might say: that’s Noice. Different. Unuuuuusual.

The basics of most weddings are so mind-numbingly similar – white dress, walking down the aisle, kiss the bride, champagne, speeches etc etc – the ones you remember best are the ones that unfold a little bit differently.

Sometimes they’re different on purpose – like the 5 sisters – and sometimes by accident. Like the wedding where someone lost one of the page boys on the way to the church and the priest appeared a bit tipsy, repeatedly getting the bride and groom’s names wrong and finishing off by muddling up the paperwork and inadvertantly legally marrying the bride to the best man.

Ooops. So. Memorable weddings?

We asked around and encountered some superb examples including weddings where:

– The groom forgot his vows and ended up swearing profusely and repeatedly on the altar, while his bride looked on in fury;

– Everyone who ate at the reception ended up with food poisoning;

– The groom got so drunk that he ended up stripping on the table to the tune of “I’m Too Sexy”;

– The bride arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and the horse had a unicorn horn stuck to its forehead.

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