Melissa McCarthy slams critic who called her 'tractor-sized'.

Melissa McCarthy – one classy gal.




1. Melissa McCarthy: ALL CLASS.

In case you missed it, a critic douche-canoe who reviewed McCarthy’s recent film Identity Thief for The New York Observer caused an uproar when he called the fabulous actress ‘a hippo’ and ‘tractor-sized’. He also went on to say that she’s “devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.” (Not true, by the way – she had a very long and successful stint on Gilmore Girls in which her weight wasn’t mentioned once, but whatevs.)

McCarthy stayed quiet about the whole nasty thing. Until now.

Yesterday in The New York Times, McCarthy was asked about the comments and this is what she had to say:

I felt really bad for someone who is swimming in so much hate. I just thought, that’s someone who’s in a really bad spot, and I am in such a happy spot. I laugh my head off every day with my husband and my kids who are mooning me and singing me songs.

The Times goes on:

Had this occurred when she was 20, Ms. McCarthy said, “it may have crushed me.” But now, as a mother raising two young daughters in “a strange epidemic of body image and body dysmorphia,” she said articles like that “just add to all those younger girls, that are not in a place in their life where they can say, ‘That doesn’t reflect on me.’ ”

Your move, douche canoe.

2. A controversial new portrait depicts Kate Middleton breastfeeding. Click here to decide whether the artist has gone too far.

3. Is this the best thing floating around the interwebs this week? We think so.

The team over at The FW have released a series of ‘honest Disney posters’. And they are hilarious. You can see the full collection here, but we’ve got a few of our favourites to share:

4. Kim Cattrall and Susan Sarandon have slammed Hollywood for the way it treats ageing women. Click here to read their damning comments.

5. The host of The Voice is way too cool for school.


At yesterday’s announcement of Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year awards, all the hopeful contestants were wearing a uniform of white shirt and jeans.

All except one.

Missed the ‘memo’. Photos: Sweaty Betty PR

Darren McMullen was the only finalist dressed in black – insisting that he didn’t get the memo.

According to reports however, Cleo editor Sharry Markson insists otherwise: “We dropped the Guess outfit off to Darren yesterday. Maybe it didn’t fit! Either way, he looked great in black jeans.”

The annual award ended up going to Bondi Rescue Lifeguard Trent Maxwell.

Spot the random...
Spot the random… Photo: Sweaty Betty PR


6. A mere mention of “the in-laws” is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many married people. But Drew Barrymore seems pretty chuffed with her husband’s family – click to read how they’ve healed the scars from her bizarre childhood.


7. Men can now feel their unborn babies kicking. In their OWN bellies.

Huggies have created a product that allows pregnant women’s partners to feel their baby’s kicks – in real time.

In a slightly bizarre-looking sci-fi type invention, a belt is hooked up to the mother’s belly, which then connect to a belt around the partner’s belly via some strange Inception-style wires.

Just… Just see for yourself:


8. Rob Lowe is starring as President John F Kennedy in an upcoming TV movie. Click here to see the uncanny first photo of him in costume.



9. Which department store had vowed to stop retouching its models photos?

UK store Debenhams has released a staement outlining a new policy in which they’ll no longer airbrush their lingerie models.

The store has said the new policy is “all about making women feel fabulous about themselves rather than crushing their self-esteem by using false comparisons.”

They also released the following photos:

All the things that usually ‘need’ retouching.


The photo on the left has been retouched. The photo on the right has been left natural. Debenhams are going with the photos like the one on the right from now on.