Melissa Joan Hart was viciously trolled after posting a photo of her son.

“The comments on this feed are the most disgusting and hateful I have ever witnessed.”

Melissa Joan Hart was forced to defend herself on a photo she posted of her son. A child. It was in response to a lot of vulgar comments.

Here is the photo. Image via @melissajoanhart Instagram.

The image is now captioned with, "My goofball son loves his new @eggbysusanlazar shirt. Pairs perfectly with the @kingofhartskids army jacket."

But it looks as though there was initially a comment from Joan Hart about WWE (wrestling) in the caption, or comment thread before. It has since been removed. Yet before it was taken down, it began a spate of very hateful comments and trolling.

Below are some of the awful comments that were posted:

Joan Hart deleted the horrible comments before making a powerful statement.

She wrote, "The comments on this feed are the most disgusting and hateful I have ever witnessed without me making a political statement."

She continued to say that she has reported most of them and will be blocking and deleting the rest so they don't sit under a photo of an innocent child.

Joan Hart continued, "I made comment based on my own opinion on a WWE wrestler who I happen to respect. God-forbid I have an opinion of my own!"

Melissa Joan Hart shut down the trolls. Image via @melissajoanhart Instagram.

Joan Hart continued to defend herself, saying that if she wrote that she liked the colour blue then red lovers would probably come out and attack. "If people like you are fans of WWE, it makes me ashamed to be associated with what I considered a family friendly pasttime," she wrote.

She then defended the way people were talking about religion. "You talk about God and the bible in disgusting ways that shows you have never read it," she added.

Finally she asks the immature and nasty trolls to leave if they consider their behaviour and comments acceptable. "All of you children need to stop following me if all you're interested in is name calling and being keyboard warriors, Joan Hart concluded.

Joan Hart for the win.

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