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A jogger took a Channel 7 journalist's question way too literally. It got super awkward.

Melbourne trainer Erica O’Donnell was out for a jog when she was stopped in her tracks by a journalist.

It was Channel 7’s Michael Scanlan and he was hoping to interview her about – look, we have no idea because she never made it past the second question.

The exchange went as follows:

Scanlan: First and last name please.

Erica: Erica O’Donnell.

S: And can you spell first and last?

E: F-I-R-S-T-L-A-S-T


Five stars.


In her head she’s already training for next season of The Great Australian Spelling Bee – and then she realises…

D-Y-I-N-G. Image via Twitter.

Oh. No.

The video has already been re-tweeted more than 800 times, and thankfully O'Donnell, who is a self-confessed grammar nerd, is taking her newfound Internet stardom in her stride.

"All I can say is I answered his question, he asked me to spell 'first and last' and that's EXACTLY what I did," she  told Mamamia.


"It was a lunchtime walk and I hadn't eaten for a few hours so I was pretty hungry at the time, probably not thinking as clearly as I normally would, never questioned a thing and innocently blurted that out!

"Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a stickler for correct spelling and grammar, so I think my initial look of horror was because I was certain I'd spelled the words incorrectly and in my mind, that was worse than not giving him the correct answer!"

Apparently in ten years of interviewing, no one ever taken Scanlan so literally, which is surprising, because, like, that's exactly what we would have said too.

Especially on an empty stomach.

Anyway, today, we are all Erica O'Donnell.