For months this boy dressed as a clown and rode the train around Melbourne.

We have some good news for train travellers: Melbourne’s VLine is safe again.

Last month, various Melbourne commuters had their wits scared out of them by a particularly strange commuter.

We’re not talking about your average sweaty, loud, always-coughing-in-my-face train folk.

But a particularly rare breed of oddball who thought it would be fun to dress up as a figment of peoples’ nightmares and terrorise them on their way to work.

melbourne train clown
Here is one day, staring down a very brave commuter. Image: 774 Melbourne Twitter

But, the scary clown who was haunting Melbourne’s VLine trains has turned a new leaf, and has returned to the trains offer his apologies.


The 14-year-old aspiring performance artist – and former clown school student – has apologised for not being fully aware of just how petrifying his little stunt was.

The suddenly sweet-looking young man wandered the corridors of the VLine handing out flowers and donning a sign reading ‘sorry’.

melbourne train clown
And here he is again… being all smiley. Image: 774 Melbourne Twitter.

ABC Radio Melbourne captured the beautiful moment before posting it to Twitter, allowing us all to feel safe today.

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