Mollie and Oscar are Australia's youngest parents. And now they're having another baby.

In July 2015, Melbourne student Mollie Syrigos and boyfriend Oscar Wilks fell pregnant.

Nine months later when baby Theodore came into the world, Mollie and Oscar became two of Australia’s youngest parents at just 14 and 15 years old respectively.

Now, as the couple clock 14 months of parenting under their belt and with Mollie now 15 and Oscar 16, they’ve announced another little one is on the way.

“I know it will be a huge challenge but I’m prepared for that challenge. When you love something so much challenges sort of make you stronger and I’m ready for the challenges and very excited for the new baby to come,” she told

It hasn’t been an easy couple of years for the students. From the moment their first pregnancy was announced, they have had to battle a wealth of judgement, pre-conceived ideas about what it takes to be a parent and generalisations about teen parents. But for all the “dirty looks”, it’s “worth the judgement”, Mollie says.

From the moment the couple told family and friends of the impending arrival of Theodore, Mollie told Channel 9 she was pressured almost immediately to re-think her steadfast desire to have the baby.

“For a couple of months I didn’t have much support. Everyone was trying to persuade me to get an abortion which wasn’t too fun, it was very difficult actually.


“But I stuck to it because I couldn’t ever imagine getting rid of such an amazing thing. I had no doubt in my mind about this baby I was carrying, which is now a little 13-month-old.”

Because of the age at which she fell pregnant, schooling hasn’t been easy for 15-year-old Mollie. She essentially left school at the end of year 7, but is determined to make sure her education is a priority in the years to come.

In an interview with the Herald Sun in April this year, Mollie said she was studying at Swinburne University of Technology’s secondary school classes for young mothers. Oscar told the paper at the time his girlfriend is a “genius” and will have no problems getting the education she so wants and deserves.

“We’re doing fine. We’re terrific parents, but domestically we’re not great housekeepers,” he told the Herald Sun.

Together they live with Oscar’s father Tim, who suffers multiple sclerosis.

They may be young, but they are overwhelmingly confident in their strength as parents, with Mollie telling Channel 9 “no age defines how well you parent”.

And by the sounds of their love and devotion for baby Theodore and the little one to come, she’s probably very, very right.