Melbourne hipster Samuel Davide is a big ol' fake.

Sad news from hipster HQ. Jazz kitten and bucolic socialist Samuel Davide (A.K.A Melbourne’s hippest hipster) may not actually be real a person.

I know, it hurts us in the Osh Kosh B’Goshes too.

Appearing in the “Street Seen” interview with M Magazine, by The Age earlier this week, Davide described himself as a “web developer, mystery blogger, and jazz kitten” from Travancore.

His style was “bucolic socialist”.

He was inspired by K-Mart.

Naturally, it was all too good to be true.

World, meet Melbourne hipster Samuel Davide. Source: The Age. 


Speaking to Vice Australia on Wednesday, the admission that Davide was nothing more than a character of a guy named Sam Hains came to light.

"My friend Tara runs the "Street Seen" column [in The Age] and asked me if I wanted to do it. The decision to do it in character was impulsive.

"I think the impulse to do it in character initially came from wanting to avoid the embarrassment of doing the column sincerely," Hains explained.

"Street Seen seemed like a great platform for performance, given the fact that the subject is represented as their authentic self, caught on the street. I felt I could experiment with the reader's willingness to engage with me as an "unstaged," "natural" character."

But surely having an imaginary hipster character live inside of you is the most hipster thing that's ever happened, right?

Revealed: Melbourne hipster Samuel Davide is actually a guy named Sam Hains. Source: Facebook.

Hains also said that the media scrutiny he and Davide received was overwhelming.

"I felt like everyone was trying to exploit Davide, an already warped man.

"He was being contacted, if not harassed by so many publications. It was a really unhealthy relationship between Davide and the media organisations.

"It felt very manic... the intensity of it. Everyone wanted blood from Davide."

What plans Hains has for the character of Davide moving forward, we're not sure.

But whatever it is, we hope he continues to be inspired by Trotsky in leather.